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Memento International

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Memento International

    Presentación de la sociedad

    Memento is a select Arthouse company designated to track and accompany high-profile, director-driven independent films. We choose no more than 8 projects a year and can offer tailor-made synergies and business expertise through four companies, from production (Memento Production & La Cinéfacture), International Sales (Memento International) to French distribution (Memento Distribution), according to the specific needs of each project. We have recently worked with renowned and award-winning filmmakers such as Laurent Cantet, Gilles Marchand, Julie Bertucelli, Emanuele Crialese, Hiner Saleem, Jia Zhang-ke, Ursula Meier and Olivier Assayas. Memento's young and dynamic team is devoted to promoting the projects with a maximum of commitment, rather than merely selling. Whether it is high-end arthouse fare with a medium-sized budget or cutting-edge low-budget projects from emerging talents, we value originality, whether narrative or from the cinematographic vision of the director.


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